When are the sessions?

Our year is divided into three sessions: Spring, Summer and Fall. Spring and Fall sessions are 20 weeks long and Summer is a 9/10 week session.

When can I register?

  • Spring – Registration begins in November for currently active families. Enrollment opens for new students in December.
  • Summer – Registration begins in March for active families. Enrollment opens for new students in April.
  • Fall – Registration begins in April for active families. Currently attending students will have priority. Enrollment opens for new students in May.

Although we are session-based, new students may join at any time during a session if there is space in the desired class. Tuition will be pro-rated relative to the start date and we offer waitlists for any full classes. A child can be put on multiple waitlists, if necessary.

How do I register?

All registration for classes is done online, by creating an account through the Parent Portal right here on our website! In addition to family and student information, please include all medical information and allergies/special needs. All liability waivers will need to be completed for all students in order to create an account.