Dress code:

Please make sure your child is properly dressed for class. Baggy and inappropriate clothing make an unsafe situation for both your child and our teachers. If a child is not dressed appropriately they will not be allowed to participate. A makeup for this class can be scheduled.

  • No Socks (must have bare feet)
  • No jeans, corduroys, overalls, etc. (no pants with buckles, belt loops, or zippers)
  • No tights that cover the feet (ankle-length tights are allowed)
  • No jewelry of any kind
  • Hair must be pulled back from the face and in a ponytail (if possible)

Preferred dress: Shorts, leggings, or sweatpants (please make sure pants are ankle length only) & T-shirts (not baggy), or Leotard.

Adults: for our classes that require a grown-up (2 and under) the adult accompanying the child should come in clothes comfortable to move in, and we will ask you to remove your shoes. Socks are fine!