Six Peas (6 year olds)

45 minute Independent Class

Program level description

Six Peas want to do it all! Six-year-olds have the physical, cognitive and developmental abilities to do great things! They can gallop, skip, move to counts and run backwards. They can climb just about anything you don’t want them to climb and they can jump from the table to the couch with hardly a blink. Most six-year-olds understand about 5,000 words and are at various stages of learning to read. Six Peas are capable of listening and understanding more detailed instructions and are generally eager to please. We love working with Six Peas!

Six Peas are working on cartwheels, handstands and straight-legged tables – all with increasing form and technique. Six Peas and Six Peas Plus are gaining more advanced abilities with floor sequences that combine rolls, jumps, lunges, turns and finishes. The Six Pea curriculum also includes the added learning challenge of properly counting and executing skills to music beats and claps.

Six Peas developing balance and strength enables them to work on a jump to front support on the beam, 3 second V-sit hold on beam, lever to a T position and more. Six Peas train on windows on bars as well as L-hang and flexed arm hangs with a 5 second hold. Bars are becoming even more fun as Six Peas are able to work on window pikes and straddles, casts from front supports, forward rolls to flexed arm hangs, pullovers and back hip circles. The Six Peas’ vault curriculum includes focus on hollow body shaping, handstands, tucks and straddles.

Spring Session is January 29th – June 19th, 2023. Six Peas group classes are $128/month or pay in full, $640.

Summer Session 2023 is 10 weeks and runs from June 19th to August 28th Six Peas group classes are pay in full, $.

Fall Session 2023/2024 is 20 weeks and runs from August 29th – January 28th, 2023. Six Peas group classes are $128/month or pay in full, $640.