60 minute independent class

Program Description

Sprouts are developing balance and strength. This enables them to work on a jump to front support on the beam, 3 second V-sit hold on beam, lever to a T position and more. Six Peas train windows on bars as well as L-hang and flexed arm hangs with a 5 second hold. Bars are becoming even more fun as Sprouts are able to work on window pikes and straddles, casts from front supports, forward rolls to flexed arm hangs, pullovers and back hip circles. The Sprouts vault curriculum includes focus on hollow body shaping, handstands, tucks and straddles.

Sprouts teaches our 7+ year-olds the next level of gymnastics progressions on bars, beam, vault, tumbling and tumbltrak.  Safety training, body position, strength, and flexibility will all be emphasized. The benefit of this class will be enhanced physical development while experiencing a good feeling about oneself.

This Class is Invite Only. Please contact us at: info@spgymnastics.com