Wee Peas (6 – 12 months)

30 Minute Parent Participation Class

Program Description

Carefully designed for babies learning to sit and crawl, Wee Peas provides our littlest scooters with active learning activities that focus on whole baby development. Wee Peas are given opportunities to move, reach, and grasp in a baby safe environment that is rich with color, sound and tactile experiences. Wee Peas learn to recognize their name in class and react in identifying themselves to the teacher. Wee Peas enjoy activities that promote visual tracking, core strength and balance needed for sitting and standing. The Wee Pea curriculum includes activities that promote grip strength and hand coordination in grasping objects and releasing. Objectives include activities that promote crossing the mid-line and bilateral awareness needed or crawling and walking. Wee Peas work on spatial awareness and positional comfort through gentle developmentally appropriate rolling and inversion exercises. Wee Peas also enjoy some of their first experiences in playing and learning with other babies and gain cornerstone lessons in social awareness through interacting with their Wee Pea friends! Wee Peas are in the golden first 12 months of life. There are amazing neural miracles taking place in this precious first year!

Did you know… movements that involve crossing the midline encourage cognitive function? Cross lateral movements, for example, involve passing an object from the right hand to the left hand or using the right foot to step over the left foot. Cross lateral movements work both sides of the body in a balanced way and require coordinated movements of both eyes, both ears and both hands and/or feet. Cross lateral activities activate both hemispheres and all four lobes of the brain, heightening cognitive function and engaging learning processes.

Movement primes Wee Peas for learning. The Sweet Peas Educational Gymnastics Program is designed to provide fun and delightful cognitive and developmental opportunities in an active learning environment.

Wee Peas group classes are FREE up to 12 months!

Summer Session 2024 is 10 weeks and runs from June 19th to August 28th

Fall Session 2024/2025 is 20 weeks and runs from September 3rd to January 27th 2025

Spring Session runs from January 30th- June 17th, 2024.