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Private/Semi-Private Lessons provide students with independent instruction from one of our talented instructors and can be tailored to a child’s specific needs while also working on skills they wish to master. 

Private/Semi-Private Lessons are 45 minutes, no exceptions. Private/Semi-Private Lessons are for all skill levels ranging from beginners to more advanced gymnasts.  We can also accommodate children with special needs.  You do not need to be enrolled in any of our classes in order to enroll in private Lessons, however, we do require you to be a member of our gym which includes creating an account, signing our waivers, and paying our yearly registration fee.  To create an account click here.

PRICING NOTES: Lessons cannot be shared between students. For semi-private lessons all parties must sign up together. At the time of enrollment, you will be charged for all scheduled private lessons. There are no further discounts. Your yearly $35.00 registration fee must be paid to enroll in Private/Semi-Private Lessons.

SCHEDULING:  All Private/Semi-Private Lesson scheduling must be done through the main office.  Please email; Instructors cannot schedule their own lessons as everything must go through our main office. We can only offer certain days and times.  When inquiring we will let you know what times and instructors we have available.

ABSENCE/MAKEUP POLICY: We require 24-hour’ notice of cancellation. Without 24 hours notice, you will be responsible for the cost of the lesson. With 24-hour notification, we can reschedule, however, we cannot guarantee the same day, time, or instructor.  A Private/Semi-Private Lesson may only be rescheduled once.  If a missed twice, the lesson is forfeited.  Please report all absences through your Customer Portal.