One Peas (1 year olds)

30 Minute Parent Participation Class

Program Description

One Peas are ready to move! With their newly developing upright mobility (and sometimes a mix of both eagerness and hesitation) One Peas love to explore! One Peas are beginning to understand words and ideas. The active learning goals of One Peas promote neural development in the amazing one-year old brain. The One Pea curriculum is designed to provide enriching activities in a safe and fun environment. One Peas learn self-awareness and physical adaptation through developmentally appropriate gymnastics activities such as stepping, rolling, balancing, sliding and swinging. One Peas learn baby rhythm and sequencing through physical activities coordinated with music and prompts. One Peas learn to clap, step, count, stop and start, and repeat. Creatures of repetition, One Peas begin to recognize and anticipate routines in the One Pea lesson plans. They are beginning to remember what they have learned and they are excited to participate.

The One Pea curriculum is designed to enhance the direct connection between active movement and brain processing. One Peas’ brains are processing important things as they walk in a circle and scoot across the beam. Their brains are developing as they roll on the wedge mat, bounce on the springboard, swing on the rings, climb through tunnels and hang from the bars. Gymnastics provides opportunities to balance, hold, reach, grip and bounce. One Peas are learning and growing at an amazing pace as they transition from babyhood to toddler-hood. This is a magical year!

Summer Session 2024 is 10 weeks and runs from June 18th to August 26th 2024.One Peas group classes are pay in full, $275.

Fall Session 2024/2025 is 20 weeks and runs from September 3rd – January 27th, 2025. One Peas group classes are $110/month billed in 5 equal payments or pay in full, $550.

Spring Session runs from January 30th- June 17th, 2024. One Peas group classes are $110/monthly billed in 5 equal payments or pay in full $550.